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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I know I am not nearly as diligent as I was in the beginning about keeping up with my blog posts.  Perhaps this is because it is summer time, I have been too tired after work, lack of motivation, etc.  All of that is an excuse though.  I have gotten back on the exercise wagon.  I still don't work out as often as I should, but I have been doing water aerobics two times a week for a couple of weeks now.  I go with 3 other girls from work.  There are only 7 of us in the office, and 4 of us go.  It is fun to be able to do something together outside of work.  Although Jen teases the heck out of me, I enjoy the time to do something for myself with my buddies.  I have still managed to lose weight.  I am trying to stick to the gluten free and sugar free diet like I have been since October, but find it to be much more tempting to cheat now that I have shed so much weight.  It is like the little "diet devil" sitting on one shoulder saying, "One little bite won't kill you...neither will ten." 

A lot of my time has been spent on another new found hobby.  I have started couponing.  It is nothing extreme.  I just buy two papers a week and try to shop according to the sales.  It also helps that my co-workers are doing this too.  We all look out for each other.  We have managed to save so much money it isn't even funny.  That is great with Charles' job situation being so hit or miss.  On that front, he did get hired on at a new company.  Hopefully he will still be called back to the other commercial company soon, but we are not complaining.  A union job is a union job, which means we will hopefully be able to get benefits again. 

Life has been treating us good.  I try not to think about my PCOS as much as I did.  I feel healthy, am more active now, so I try to focus on the good that God has brought to my life.  Jacob is so full of energy.  He is still my little snuggle bug.  I do have to admit that I still feel a huge tug at my heart strings when I see a baby.  I hope to one day be able to give Jacob a sibling.  I thought I would never consider fertility again, but have found out that I will no longer have to take the Metformin with the fertility.  This was the main reason I was so sick last time.  The doc said that with my weight and health where it should be, there is no reason for the Met.  So............I am going to try the Clomid again starting in August for three rounds.  Hopefully it doesn't take three.  If I have no luck then, we will just have to see where this journey takes us.

Signing off,


Monday, May 16, 2011


WOW!!  It has been a while since I have done this!  Excuse me if I am a little rusty at putting my thoughts down on paper (or puter).  Things have been crazy the past couple of weeks (about 4 to be exact).  I left off on the last blog touching on the tick bite and Charles' layoff.  Since then, the tick bite has gotten much better!  The infection is gone, but the wound is still very itchy.  Charles is still laid off, but we have been fortunate with blessings.  Jacob has gone into this allergy season with a LOT of issues.  He is very allergic to almost everything.  His eyes were the first sign.  He had such bad allergies that they almost swelled shut.  Then came the infection.  He was put on Singulair, Clariton, nose spray and eye drops.  After the eyes started to get better, the breathing got worse.  He ended up in the ER, and had to do three rounds of steroid treatments.  He then was put on more medication.  Things got a little better, then on Mother's Day during a day trip, he came down with a fever.  He was diagnosed with bronchitis on Monday.  He is on yet another medication.  The good news is that he gets in with an allergist on June 1st. 

A long first paragraph brings me to the point of the whole blog.  I have definitely neglected the exercise portion of my lifestyle.  I did manage to surpass my goal weight of 170 last month.  I was very excited about this.  Despite the fact that I had not been exercising, I was still eating right.  I had a very good excuse for not exercising for a couple of weeks, but the next couple of weeks after that was just lack of motivation.  I really didn't want to go Zumba tonight.  My back was hurting, and I would rather have stayed home to coupon instead.  Couponing has been another lifestyle change I am trying to embrace.  With the economy the way it is, Charles being out of work, and the price of gas, I felt this was a must. Back to the point... I did go to Zumba tonight.  I was surprised at how out of shape your body can get in one month.  I hung in there though.  I also felt better after I worked out.  I realized that my back was no longer hurting.  I needed to stretch the muscles that had not been used for so long. 

This whole journey has definitely had its trying moments.  I have an easier time with the diet than the exercise.  I do, however, have a great support system that keeps me going.  I have so much to be thankful for.

Good luck to each of you reading on your own personal journeys.  We all hit bumps in the road, but can get back on track!

Signing off for now,


Monday, April 11, 2011

B.U.T.T., cellulitis, and layoffs

OK, so it has been a while since my last posting, so what you are about to read is a list of ramblings that have been going through my mind for the past week. 

1. B.U.T.T.- My life is full of acronyms, so I created one that makes sense for women going through the same things as me.  Every woman has insecurities.  Most of them can be narrowed down into this four letter acronym.  (Butt, udders, tummy and thighs).  I was looking in the mirror last week and was thinking about the changes my body has gone through with the recent weight loss.  Obviously, I am liking my appearance a lot more than I used to.  However, I have come to realize that there will always be parts of a woman that they are never quite satisfied with.  I read on a friend's blog a couple of weeks ago about her battle with "chub rub", you know, when the tops of your thighs rub together creating holes in all of your favorite pants, or giving you the chafing that burns like something from the pit of hades.  The first thing that I did was laugh out loud.  I totally have chub rub!  I have bird legs as my sister would call them, but after I had Jacob, the very tops of my thighs started rubbing.  No amount of exercise or dieting seems to get rid of this nuisance.  I have also come to realize that gravity plays mean tricks on women who lose weight.  Everything seems to go south!  I guess my whole point to this is that it is really not that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things.  So what if you have a flat butt, big butt, saggy udders, a pooch, or chub-rub.  Put on a pair of spanx and enjoy the day.  I have come to realize in my journey that it is much more about being healthy than what the outside shows.  I do enjoy the way I am looking now, but does it make anyone around me love me more?  NO!  They love me for who I am, not what I look like.  They do want me around longer, which is why I have chosen the healthy approach.  No one is perfect!  Love yourself for who you are!

2. Cellulitis.  Not cellulite!  Cellulitis!  Cellulitis stinks!  It is a mean bacterial skin infection that causes inflammation in the muscles and can be dangerous if let go.  Just ask my mom.  She was all over my case this past week.  I got a tick bite last Sunday (a week ago).  By Wednesday, the infection was bad.  My whole body has been aching since then.  One trip to the ER and one to the Urgent Care were necessary.  I had vacation planned for Thursday, Friday and into the weekend.  We had already decided to cancel the trip due to Charles being temporarily laid off, but I had much better plans than recovering from a serious tick bite.  That being said, it was nice catching up on some Netflix movies! 

3. Layoff.  Charles has been laid off for a week.  It is OK though.  It is only temporary.  He is not one to sit still.  He has been helping his mom with house and yard work, as well as a few others.  He is a busy bee, so I am not too worried.

With all of this stuff going on, I have so much to be thankful for:

     *A job with benefits and vacation time.
     *A wonderful husband who supports us through everything
     *Antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease
     *Faith that everything is going to be OK.

Hope you all have a great week!  Keep smiling!

Signing off for now,


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I realize how I have been neglecting my blogly duties.  There has been a LOT of personal things that my family has been dealing with the past month.  I wanted to say thank you for all of my friends and families prayers.  I feel that God has once again shown us that HE is in charge, and that we need nothing more than to lean on HIM in times of trouble and turmoil.

That being said, I am happy to say that I did not rely on food as my crutch through the past several weeks.  In the past, I would have plumped up a good 10 pounds just from shoving every comfort food within reach directly into my pie hole.  Amazingly enough, I even lost 2 pounds.  No, mama, I did not starve myself either.  I did fall away from exercise regularity for a while.  I still exercised, but not as often, and didn't go to Zumba at all last week.  I felt it necessary to spend as much time as possible with my guys. 

Speaking of Zumba, I really did not want to go last night!  I was in a mood, and just wanted to be lazy.  I, with some encouragement from my hubby, reluctantly joined the "Crusade against Fat".  Annie kicked my butt again last night.  I was never so happy for a hot shower afterwards.  Not only did I work out, but I was able to work some of my aggressions out as well.  That was the best part.  It was the release I needed to end the day.  Ironically, yesterday was a great day.  I just came home and got crabby.  I can't explain it, it just happened.  Charles told me he would go somewhere if I didn't.  We weren't even arguing.  I guess I was just a total bear to be around.

I hope you all have a very good week ahead of you.  Spring is just around the corner!  Forget about the yucky snow in the forecast today.  Dress for the weather you want; just make sure to wear a coat over the outfit!

Signing off for now,


Monday, March 14, 2011

Shake that thang girl!

If it were possible to shake off all your fat in one night, tonight would've been the night!  Ms. Annie kicked my booty hard core tonight.  It probably didn't help that I had Mexican directly before Zumba!  I have to say that I did allow myself a cheat this evening, but have been very good all week.  I know it is only Monday, but I am talking about 7 days, not the work week.

I got to watch my sissy shake her groove thang too!  It is hard not to giggle at one another.  We feed off of each other.  I am curious to see what I weigh in at tomorrow.  A lot has been going on lately.  While I haven't had anything bad to eat, there has been a lot of eating on the run.  My routine has been off.

Here's to hoping the rest of this week gets back to the normal routine of things. 

~Signing off for now,


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Then and Now...PROGRESS PICS!

JULY 2010 (208 LBS)


DEC 2010 (191 LBS)
MARCH 2011 (175 LBS)



Monday, March 7, 2011

Love one another

I watched a show tonight about how kids bully one another.  There were several different scenarios thrown about.  There was the "overweight girl" who was taunted by the so called "pretty girls".  There was the "tom boy" who didn't quite fit in.  Then there were the boys;  one boy who was not so athletic thrown into the mix with some very athletic peers.  Although the individuals bullying and being bullied were just actors, the bystanders didn't know, and the scenarios were very realistic.

I was bullied as a child.  It wasn't so much in grade school, but by the time I hit 7th grade, it was in full force.  I was not overweight then.  I was actually very thin.  I was not athletic at all.  I excelled in academics.  I was not wealthy.  I didn't wear the "coolest" clothes.  The list goes on.  If someone could pick on me for something, they did.  I went to a different school district during high school.  The experience there was quite different.  I was accepted for who I was.  I had more friends than I new what to do with.  I truly came out of my shell.  In fact, I probably had a little too much fun at times.  That is another story.

The point to my story is that everyone struggles with something in their lives.  You never know what a person's story is.  You can make assumptions about who they are without even getting to know them.  I know I have done this.  The one thing I hope I have never done is to make someone feel that they are unworthy of respect.  I don't care if you have the same religious beliefs, sexuality, race, or any other difference.  Everyone is deserving of respect and compassion.  I don't necessarily have to agree with some one's lifestyle or religion, but I do owe them the love that was shown to us by Jesus.

I hope that I continue to learn and grow on this journey God has laid before me.  I hope Jacob learns what it means to respect and love others.  I do have to go off subject for one moment.  When I asked Jacob what he would do if he saw someone being mean to one of his friends, his response was, "I would call the cops."  I thought that was hilarious.  Anyways, that is my food for thought tonight.

Signing off for now,