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Monday, April 11, 2011

B.U.T.T., cellulitis, and layoffs

OK, so it has been a while since my last posting, so what you are about to read is a list of ramblings that have been going through my mind for the past week. 

1. B.U.T.T.- My life is full of acronyms, so I created one that makes sense for women going through the same things as me.  Every woman has insecurities.  Most of them can be narrowed down into this four letter acronym.  (Butt, udders, tummy and thighs).  I was looking in the mirror last week and was thinking about the changes my body has gone through with the recent weight loss.  Obviously, I am liking my appearance a lot more than I used to.  However, I have come to realize that there will always be parts of a woman that they are never quite satisfied with.  I read on a friend's blog a couple of weeks ago about her battle with "chub rub", you know, when the tops of your thighs rub together creating holes in all of your favorite pants, or giving you the chafing that burns like something from the pit of hades.  The first thing that I did was laugh out loud.  I totally have chub rub!  I have bird legs as my sister would call them, but after I had Jacob, the very tops of my thighs started rubbing.  No amount of exercise or dieting seems to get rid of this nuisance.  I have also come to realize that gravity plays mean tricks on women who lose weight.  Everything seems to go south!  I guess my whole point to this is that it is really not that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things.  So what if you have a flat butt, big butt, saggy udders, a pooch, or chub-rub.  Put on a pair of spanx and enjoy the day.  I have come to realize in my journey that it is much more about being healthy than what the outside shows.  I do enjoy the way I am looking now, but does it make anyone around me love me more?  NO!  They love me for who I am, not what I look like.  They do want me around longer, which is why I have chosen the healthy approach.  No one is perfect!  Love yourself for who you are!

2. Cellulitis.  Not cellulite!  Cellulitis!  Cellulitis stinks!  It is a mean bacterial skin infection that causes inflammation in the muscles and can be dangerous if let go.  Just ask my mom.  She was all over my case this past week.  I got a tick bite last Sunday (a week ago).  By Wednesday, the infection was bad.  My whole body has been aching since then.  One trip to the ER and one to the Urgent Care were necessary.  I had vacation planned for Thursday, Friday and into the weekend.  We had already decided to cancel the trip due to Charles being temporarily laid off, but I had much better plans than recovering from a serious tick bite.  That being said, it was nice catching up on some Netflix movies! 

3. Layoff.  Charles has been laid off for a week.  It is OK though.  It is only temporary.  He is not one to sit still.  He has been helping his mom with house and yard work, as well as a few others.  He is a busy bee, so I am not too worried.

With all of this stuff going on, I have so much to be thankful for:

     *A job with benefits and vacation time.
     *A wonderful husband who supports us through everything
     *Antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease
     *Faith that everything is going to be OK.

Hope you all have a great week!  Keep smiling!

Signing off for now,


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