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Monday, March 7, 2011

Love one another

I watched a show tonight about how kids bully one another.  There were several different scenarios thrown about.  There was the "overweight girl" who was taunted by the so called "pretty girls".  There was the "tom boy" who didn't quite fit in.  Then there were the boys;  one boy who was not so athletic thrown into the mix with some very athletic peers.  Although the individuals bullying and being bullied were just actors, the bystanders didn't know, and the scenarios were very realistic.

I was bullied as a child.  It wasn't so much in grade school, but by the time I hit 7th grade, it was in full force.  I was not overweight then.  I was actually very thin.  I was not athletic at all.  I excelled in academics.  I was not wealthy.  I didn't wear the "coolest" clothes.  The list goes on.  If someone could pick on me for something, they did.  I went to a different school district during high school.  The experience there was quite different.  I was accepted for who I was.  I had more friends than I new what to do with.  I truly came out of my shell.  In fact, I probably had a little too much fun at times.  That is another story.

The point to my story is that everyone struggles with something in their lives.  You never know what a person's story is.  You can make assumptions about who they are without even getting to know them.  I know I have done this.  The one thing I hope I have never done is to make someone feel that they are unworthy of respect.  I don't care if you have the same religious beliefs, sexuality, race, or any other difference.  Everyone is deserving of respect and compassion.  I don't necessarily have to agree with some one's lifestyle or religion, but I do owe them the love that was shown to us by Jesus.

I hope that I continue to learn and grow on this journey God has laid before me.  I hope Jacob learns what it means to respect and love others.  I do have to go off subject for one moment.  When I asked Jacob what he would do if he saw someone being mean to one of his friends, his response was, "I would call the cops."  I thought that was hilarious.  Anyways, that is my food for thought tonight.

Signing off for now,


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